Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions (rev.08/09/2022)

By engaging in business with Petracraft Stone, LLC, you, your customer, and all parties involved or affected by your purchase agree to the following:

We, the Owners or Managers of Petracraft Stone, LLC, reserve the right to refuse any order for any reason.

    All orders must be paid in full at the time your order is placed or according to Terms established for your account. Orders that are not paid in full for non Terms accounts are not considered placed.

    All orders must be submitted to us online via our website or placed in person or via email. Email all orders to orders@petracraftstone.com. We no longer take orders via phone or fax.

    We accept cash or checks or credit or debit cards. A convenience charge may apply.

    Our Sample Boards and Sample Pieces are only a SMALL representation of the stone you are buying. For instance, our LedgeStone style consists of approximately 400 different stones in a 100 square feet lot. We make certain to properly represent colors first and then size range of the stone on our Sample Boards. We cannot possibly provide a sample of every possible stone / color combination within your choice.

Some individual stones may repeat in your order in the different individual colors of your color choice. Some stones may not repeat at all.

    Our stones are molded from real stones and we attempt to provide as much variation as possible to reduce the likelihood of repetition and an ensuing unnatural appearance. If you expect your installation to exactly mimic a Sample Board in repetition of style and color on your structure, we cannot provide this.

    Colors vary slightly. Due to material batches and manufacturing variances, colors may be slightly lighter or darker, or vary in degree of occurrence.

    Only Colors and Styles that are published on our website are available to order through Dealers. This includes all Stock and Special Order colors as denoted on our website. Regardless of sample boards or other materials that you may have, only what is shown on our website is available to order through Dealers.

    Custom Colors or Discontinued Colors are only available for sale directly from Petracraft Stone, LLC to the end user.

    We DO NOT take returns for ANY REASON.

    We will replace stone due to finish defects or obvious color differences at the sole discretion of management.

    If you cannot find any of our products that suit your tastes, please do not settle. Shop elsewhere. We cannot guarantee your satisfaction because opinion of our products is highly subjective to the perceptions of the eye of the beholder.

    We DO NOT sell installation or trim items for use with competitor’s products.

    We WILL NOT attempt to undercut our Dealers.

    Regarding Completion Times, we strive to complete all orders within a two-week period or less. However, there are peak times when it may take longer. ALL orders must include your or your customer’s expected delivery date. We will either accept the order and deliver on or before that date or we will decline the order. We do NOT provide estimated completion times or delivery dates for any order. Weather – particularly ambient temperatures – have an enormous effect on our production process. Winter generally requires additional time for order completion.

We produce products on a first come, first served basis. Most orders are completed within two to four weeks, but many factors that cannot be considered in a blanket estimation determine actual completion times. When submitting your order online or in-person you MUST provide a specific required delivery date if you want/need product by a specific time. If we feel that we can meet your delivery needs, we will accept your order. Otherwise, we will decline your order. If you do not provide a specific required delivery date when you place your order, we promise to complete your order as quickly as we possibly can.

    We make no guarantee regarding measurements. In many cases, we are happy to measure your project, but it is solely your responsibility to ensure that you are receiving the correct amount of product.

    Shipping and handling usually results in a few broken stones. We do not replace broken pieces. They should be used for cuts and fills rather than unbroken pieces.

    If you are picking up your order, we will be happy to load you. However, trucks and trailers must be free of debris or other materials and must have proper decking without holes or missing boards. We do not load your equipment if it is found to be in disrepair. Please remove ramps from trailers prior to your arrival and ensure that all safety equipment and lights are functioning properly.  You MUST properly secure your load. Petracraft Stone, LLC, its owners and employees will NOT be held responsible for proper securing of your load. You should call us and schedule an appointment for pickup.

     We DO NOT handle installation or make any guarantee regarding installers or their performance.

    READ YOUR INSTRUCTIONS! Our recommended method of installation should be followed. Shortcuts or substitutions can result in long-term failure.

    California Proposition 65 Warning: This product contains crystalline silica and other chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth-defects, and other reproductive harm.

Dealer Invoicing and Payments

Orders are Invoiced for payment immediately upon completion regardless of shipment or delivery status. Invoices are expected to be paid in  accordance to the Terms established for your account. Orders may remain on our lot for 15 days before being returned to stock and your order canceled. Payment is still expected and will be credited to your account against future Invoices.

We will NOT ship or allow pick up of orders if any invoice or portion of an invoice on your account is past due.

Cancellation Policy

Orders for Stock products can be canceled within three (3) business days of the order being placed and accepted by us. After three (3) business days, Orders for Stock products may NOT be canceled for ANY reason. Orders for Special Order products that have been accepted by us may NOT be canceled for ANY reason.

 Shipping and Delivery

You can pick up your stone order at our facility or we can ship it to you.

    Pick Up – if you decide to pick up your order at our facility, there is no charge for shipping. You may also dispatch your own third-party carrier to pick up your order and must notify us with their information before they arrive.

    We will hold your order for 15 days from the time your order is complete. Orders not picked up within 15 days of completion will be returned to stock without further notice. Payment for orders returned to stock will NOT be refunded.



 Call 870-565-5430 to schedule an appointment.

     Ship – if you decide to have your order shipped, we ship via LTL freight through FedEx Freight. Rate quotes will be secured once your order is complete and ready for shipment. Rate quotes will then be invoiced for payment.

   By placing your order with Petracraft Stone, LLC, you, your customer, and all parties involved or affected by your purchase affirm that you each wholly agree to these Terms and Conditions. If any party does not agree with these Terms and Conditions, you cannot order from us and must notify us within 24-hours of placing your order to advise us of your disagreement and cancel your order. Thank you for your consideration.